Mission Statement

The mission of the Waukee Lacrosse Club is to promote and facilitate the growth of the sport of lacrosse in Waukee, the Des Moines Metro, and eventually through out the state of Iowa. 

Our responsibility is to prepare our kids for the next level of play, from youth lacrosse to high school in a fun, competitive, and positive environment. We embrace the positive values of good sportsmanship, self-discipline, respect, and responsibility.  

Respect for the game of lacrosse, teammates, opponents, officials, and coaches is the cornerstone of our clubs mission.  

Responsibility of each of our members for their actions on and off the field. 

Additionally, we are dedicated to teaching parents about lacrosse and the importance of being positive, supportive spectators.  

Finally, as a non-profit organization, we will work to raise money to support our mission of promoting the sport of lacrosse and recruiting new members to grow in Waukee and through out the metro. 


The Waukee Warriors Lacrosse program has several different tiers of sponsorships